A modern parent’s guide to making the work visible and creating a more equitable household through Agile principles.

You knew parenting was the toughest job you’d ever have, but you didn’t realize exactly how much of the work would be invisible even to the people with whom you share your home. 


You’re exhausted daily and it feels like more than just the physical labor of parenting.


...you are doing #allthethings

...you feel like nothing on your to-do list ever gets marked as complete

...you’re navigating a life full of societal expectations that don’t match the life you want!



It doesn't have to be this way.





You wish for little moments of quiet in your day. The kind of quiet that means your brain isn’t thinking of the next thing on the agenda. 



But at this moment you know the next thing on the agenda will be nagging at you from beyond your quiet time.



You want to enjoy your hot morning coffee while looking at the day not feeling overwhelmed. 



You’ve been fast approaching parenting burnout and you don’t know how to turn back.



That’s exhausting and I know the feeling. Something has got to change so you can enjoy this life you’ve built.



You don’t have to be exhausted by your life. You can ask for and receive the help you need with agility, flexibility, and vulnerability.


 “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 


-Dr. Seuss


Your Agile Home is the only online course designed to teach you Agile principles as a Home Management Tool. It equips you with the tools and support you need to create a home where your family can truly thrive and not just survive.


Agility means…


Communicating effectively with your team aka family.

Having face-to-face interactions that allow people to see your needs

Building in a feedback loop so that you aren’t married to systems that aren’t working

Living by your values

Making the invisible work of the mental and emotional load come out into the light of day.




✔ Getting up in the morning and drinking hot coffee while the kids get ready for their day

✔ Mapping out your day to include help from others

✔ Letting go of things that don’t make you feel good or that you don’t have time for

✔ Knocking projects off the to-do list that have sat there for MONTHS UPON MONTHS.


It. Can. Happen.


This isn’t a foreign concept. You may have seen exactly what Agile concepts can do for you at work, and I’m here to tell you they can do the same for your home. 


We’re talking

✔ More productivity

✔ More team satisfaction

✔ Working systems instead of perfect ones

✔ Lower budget




Listen, I know you’ve probably tried many home management systems but I promise this collaborative effort isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. We are building this from scratch….together.


You will be looking for solutions in a whole new light. You’ll be building things to suit your needs and not just what you feel like you should be doing.

When you enroll you are getting…


Videos describing each of the steps of the Scrum for Agile process for your family.

Worksheets and printables to make sure you keep yourself on track and keep meetings to a strict timebox.

Access to my Daily Stand-Up Mini-Course where I teach all things Dakboard and calendar sharing.

The ability to start whenever wherever and go at your own pace.

Access to me via email 

Lifetime access.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This is truly DIY. Your Agile Home meets you where you are and empowers you to design a system that makes your life easier, happier, and informed.


What you’ll gain from Your Agile Home is…


Morale boosts. You’ll be getting feedback from your whole family and learn new things weekly.

Time. You’ll get time that you spent doing things that didn’t align with your values back.

Systems and Routines. These will be systems and routines that truly work for your family.

Self-Care. This time you can enjoy your quiet without worrying about the next activity. You’ve got a true solution.


Agile is designed to welcome change.

It’s yours to build on.


Yvonne knows the Agile system and how to apply it to your home like no one I have ever seen. It is absolutely amazing to work with her and see the transformation of my own family as I start to apply some of the recommendations that she gave us.


Yvonne’s course is clean, easy to follow, easy to understand, and cuts through the chaos of life to actually give you the pointers you need to know when you need to know them.


Charlena Smith



      The work of parenting can be equitable. Let’s stop reading stories of how mom needs to do #allthethings and dad can do nothing right and build your own story.


      I want in. How much does this cost?


      Listen, Your Agile Home is valued at over $500 but my goal isn’t to sell a few courses. My goal is to help start a revolution in parenting. In order to do that, I want to make sure we can spread the love far and wide. If you click buy right now, you can have everything in this course for $207!








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      Just from talking to you today, I had a couple of tweaks and ideas! I'm super psyched - they're going to make my life easier!

      Melissa Lehman

      Hi there, I'm Yvonne.


      And I know exactly what it’s like to struggle with #allthethings in your #momlife!


      In fact, I started Your Agile Home, not as a software developer turned home management expert, but as an outsider looking in. I was a mom who felt like I couldn’t ever do enough. I was struggling with finding time for myself. I was a mom just like you! Until I found a Ted Talk that changed my life. 


      That Ted Talk was Bruce Feiler’s Agile Programming for Your Family! In that moment, it just clicked for me. I knew that Agile was the way for my family, but I still wasn’t sure how to do it! So I dove in and started the necessary research. I spent hours learning about Agile and Scrum so that you don’t have to! 


      But that wasn’t really the beginning of my journey. The beginning of my journey to Agile started with two young children and dinner. It was a disaster every night. I’d try to cook only to be thwarted by a breastfeeding baby or a toddler injury that would leave me frantically yelling for my husband. He’d be at a loss for where I was in the recipe process and it would cause tears and frustration in my voice. I felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and like I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. 


      That was when we first started using Agile. We decided to try having my husband cook dinner solely for 2 weeks. About a week in, I knew it didn’t work for me. I missed my kitchen. So we iterated into I’d prep and he’d cook and this worked much better. 


      And that’s what Agile is all about! 


      Want to know more? Check out yvonnemarcus.com for more information and resources

      Before working with Yvonne, I would have thought, "I don't really need that, I can do it by myself," and kept pushing through. Now I realize it's okay for me to need support and it's up to me to make it happen.

      Patricia Talavera

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