The powerful project management tool you’ve been waiting on for your home.


You are the mental and emotional hub of your family. We get it!


And we’ve got the perfect solution to your home management conundrums.


Get the course designed to help busy moms become project managers of their home - all while making the workload visible to everyone.



The Agile Project Management Framework designed to work with you to make all the work visible.


Just imagine if you could…


✔ Quickly get your entire family on board for the day’s activities

✔ Actually finish all the projects on your to-do lists because you’ve settled on a time frame and not bitten off more than you can chew.

✔ Have a plan of action for making your goals a reality

✔Stop feeling like you’re letting everyone down and accept your Mom of the Year Award with a smile.

✔Feeling confident about saying no to things that don’t align with your values

✔Have difficult conversations within a framework that makes them about the struggle and not the person.

✔ Flexibility to change habits and routines that aren’t working for you! 

✔More time to do things that you love

✔Create better habits and hold firm to your boundaries with the help of your entire family!




Yvonne knows the Agile system and how to apply it to your home like no one I have ever seen. It is absolutely amazing to work with her and see the transformation of my own family as I start to apply some of the recommendations that she gave us.


Yvonne’s course is clean, easy to follow, easy to understand, and cuts through the chaos of life to actually give you the pointers you need to know when you need to know them.


Charlena Smith


      You deserve a life you love AND you can design it with flexibility.


      For a limited time, get Your Agile Home The Course for just $27 (A $200 value).


      ✔ Get Lifetime Access To Your Agile Home the Course. This means you’ll have instant access to any improvements made to the course for FOR EV ER! This course will show you right now the steps you can take to create a life you love based on your values! It will help you create a framework for hard conversations and get more done.


      ✔ Includes videos and worksheets so that you are NOT alone on your journey to living Agile.


      ✔ Best of all, you get all the necessary teaching you need to set up a flexible framework that will bring your family closer together while also crushing your goals!








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      Just from talking to you today, I had a couple of tweaks and ideas! I'm super psyched - they're going to make my life easier!

      Melissa Lehman

      Hi there, I'm Yvonne.


      And I know exactly what it’s like to struggle with #allthethings in your #momlife!


      In fact, I started Your Agile Home, not as a software developer turned home management expert, but as an outsider looking in. I was a mom who felt like I couldn’t ever do enough. I was struggling with finding time for myself. I was a mom just like you! Until I found a Ted Talk that changed my life. 


      That Ted Talk was Bruce Feiler’s Agile Programming for Your Family! In that moment, it just clicked for me. I knew that Agile was the way for my family, but I still wasn’t sure how to do it! So I dove in and started the necessary research. I spent hours learning about Agile and Scrum so that you don’t have to! 


      But that wasn’t really the beginning of my journey. The beginning of my journey to Agile started with two young children and dinner. It was a disaster every night. I’d try to cook only to be thwarted by a breastfeeding baby or a toddler injury that would leave me frantically yelling for my husband. He’d be at a loss for where I was in the recipe process and it would cause tears and frustration in my voice. I felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and like I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. 


      That was when we first started using Agile. We decided to try having my husband cook dinner solely for 2 weeks. About a week in, I knew it didn’t work for me. I missed my kitchen. So we iterated into I’d prep and he’d cook and this worked much better. 


      And that’s what Agile is all about! 


      Want to know more? Check out for more information and resources

      Before working with Yvonne, I would have thought, "I don't really need that, I can do it by myself," and kept pushing through. Now I realize it's okay for me to need support and it's up to me to make it happen.

      Patricia Talavera

      Get all the tools you need to succeed


      Taking back control of your time and family values doesn’t have to be scary. Our easy to follow tips, step-by-step instructions, and practical worksheets will make setting your values, mission statement, and each two-week sprint a breeze. You’ll be creating an action plan and living your best life in no time flat.



      Make practical changes to begin freeing up your mental and emotional load, then make a plan for finishing projects and achieving your goals!



      Gather innovative ideas for how to gather ideas on getting ish done practically and not having to do #allthethings so you can do more of the things you love.



      You don't have to know what Agile, Scrum, or Project Management tools are to get started. Our straightforward approach makes it easy for everyone.



      Printable worksheets will help give you the framework you need to set up your family meetings and keep your goals and work visible.



      Get encouragement from someone who has been where you are now! I’ll share personal stories and solutions that worked for me and my family.



      Learn simple tips and tricks for setting goals, getting ish done, and having a stronger family unit so you can give up the guilt around your #momlife.


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